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Gray notes the State child

Gray notes the State child

I write this article not to blaspheme destiny, let alone absolute discretion set by the Creator, just sharing .. the direction and way of life is a choice .. just might be a chance for me that has not arrived.

I was not a hero, even just a warrior son nor offspring ..
That was my mistake ...
If I had been there at that time .. may be a figure that could make history not too long colonized Indonesia .. so the country has been able to build the social, cultural, political and especially economic better.

Maybe the heroes who died .. will mourn see this country now .. and perhaps also regretted and questioned again .. whether the struggle has been done a mere useless ...
Because Seeing today's country .. not better .. Instead ragged

In social .. what would be a pretty sight
Uneven development ...
Even build what the heck?
That was my mistake ..
Why can not I be governor for lagging regions
Of course, I would sue the central government .. and I'm not afraid of the president if the government policy is not fair .. anyway i was chosen not by the president but selected by the people of the area.

In the field of culture; I can not do anything
How sad culture of this nation is not much developed in the outside world
From the first and bali bali only are they better know ..
Many historical relics Relics are not well maintained
Let alone the cost of observations for the discovery of cultural heritage is poor budget,
Existing arts and culture and often even meddle meddle in other countries are still being considerate ..
That was my mistake ..
Why I do not have much budget .. but if there is I submitted to UNESCO
all brands arts and cultural heritage the country, because then perhaps one way I actually love and appreciate the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

In the political field; really tragic to see the facts now
Duh gusti .. on where the leader of this nation,
Look at the many area residents strife, terror bombs has increased
Perhaps terrorism is one of the protest leaders mirror signifies less dignity, wisdom and tact, because the shape is no longer effective demo to be heard ..
This is one of my ..
Why I am not a member of the board .. who would listen more and defend the interests of the people .. not complacent and just hear the coin rattling haram .. and the only demand pasilitas .. Well I was wrong, too, why I did not become chairman of the board at the same time .. who can make a decision to take action against members who are incompetent to take care of the aspirations of the people ..

In the field of economy, it is important .. The main pillars country even more porous
Because if a country economic well .. of course people enjoy it, too
Unlike today,
Various sectors experiencing ekomoni deficit ..
Price price tends to rise which is not offset by income residents
Poverty increases as unemployment even more abundant
That was my mistake ..
Why I can not at least be a successful entrepreneur and established .. at least I was able to build the sector in different regions behind .. and also can absorb labor, and that does not just rely on looking for a better provider to come to the capital.

And the worst thing if you look at today's corruption everywhere ..
It was as if time bodo government leaders with the incident in front of the eye,
Lots of news in various ministries not only the corruption of money .. but time is also more and more corrupted ..
That was my mistake ..
That can not be a presidential adviser ..
Obviously I would remind the president for this incident,
Because by not taking a firm stance and actions ..
Not only prestige is at stake .. but the sorrow of the people who voted for having the wrong choice .. The leader of a nation that can not do anything ..
If now the land is nothing to be proud of .. even just for the sport ..
this is also my fault ..
Why can not I be one of the better athletes and achievers, and even if I could not do it, why can not I be a minister of sport and gentlemen .. I'll be looking for and nurture seedlings sports achievers and can boast .. do not be lulled by apparent power today.
Fund money for coaching athletes and building a good sport I can wake up with a correct and transparent reporting.

Duh .. its ancestors and heroes, forgive me ..
All that happened was my fault ..
Because now I can not become one of the leaders of those .. who can not come too reminiscent omissions wrong policy ..
I am also to blame if it actually had a great reform bandwagon pray for success, turned out like this ..

And if the future of this country is still dark ..
Cry of the ancestors ..
Cry of the heroes ...
all was my mistake ..
because at the moment I can not do anything about it

Pondok Ungu, September 2012
Author, wawan surya

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